Direct Acting Float Switch, Model LS

Direct Acting Float Switch, Model LS
Model LS Float Switch is a general purpose, simple, dependable, level-sensing automatic pump or alarm control device that is used to measure water and wastewater levels.

The LS float switch operates reliably in sewage wet wells, sumps, ditches or process vats. The float body is of high-density polypropylene and the cable jacket is flexible PVC for outstanding performance in a wide range of corrosive environments. Single floats are used for alarm actuation. Two floats are used for differential control of pumps.

Features and Benefits

  • Fixed or suspended installation
  • Reliable service under extreme conditions
  • Heavy-duty, type STO #18/2 cable
  • Dependable mercury to electrode tilt switch
  • Completely potted switch and cable connections
  • NO/NC switch configurations
  • Standard cable lengths

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