Direct Acting Float Switch, Models 9G & 9G-EF (Mercury Free)

Direct Acting Float Switch, Models 9G & 9G-EF (Mercury Free)
Both the 9G and 9G-EF model float switches provide reliable peformance in difficult environments.

The 9G and 9G-EF direct acting float switches are appropriate for a variety of applications, including sewage wet wells, stormwater basins, water reservoirs, sludge tanks, irrigation canals and process sumps. The float operates reliably in even the more difficult environments. Specialized construction resists build up and affects of solids that quickly foul other sensors.

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable
  • Fixed 1″ pipe or cable/weight suspension mounting provides for dependable operation
  • Three year factory warranty
  • Optional pipe mounting kit or suspension kit includes stainless steel cable, clamps and coated 15# weight
  • Variety of cable lengths
  • Model 9G-EF is Mercury Free

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