Powerpack™ Control Panels

Powerpack™ Control Panels
Powerpack™ panels are comprehensive, custom-built electrical automation centers for water and wastewater pumping stations and treatment plant applications. The Powerpack panel is in full compliance with industry standards to assure quality and is safe to operate.

Powerpack panels combine selected Control Systems sensors, automatic pump and process control systems with motor control switch gear, protective, alarm, monitoring and (if required) communications equipment chosen to meet individual job requirements. Powerpack panels are built with the operator in mind, providing user-friendly, intuitive control and comprehensive indication of the pump or process system, allowing quick easy adjustments and malfunction troubleshooting aids. Each panel is designed for long life and trouble-free operation. Our pump station and process integration experience is second to none.

Features and Benefits – Complete package:

  • Simplifies design
  • Improves reliability
  • Improves performance
  • Improves serviceability
  • Comprehensive design
  • Completely wired
  • Fully tested
  • UL labeled 508 or 913

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