SCADA and Systems Integration

SCADA and Systems Integration
Complete SCADA and System control solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

Siemens Control Systems is one of the largest SCADA systems integration companies in the world. As a major integrator and manufacturer of products related to SCADA and telemetry, power equipment integration, automation and measurement, we are uniquely positioned to provide cost-effective solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Experience and resources to deliver a complete turnkey control system solution for municipal and industrial water, rural water and wastewater utilities.

SCADA systems for:

Water and wastewater treatment facility automation
Water distribution monitoring and control
Collection system monitoring and control
Wastewater effluent and re-use systems
Exceptional service and support
Startup and training
Telemetry solutions to keep you informed of the operational details of your system and enable rapid response.

Control Systems telemetry systems are designed to accommodate the changing requirements of municipal water and wastewater operations. We offer a choice of RTU’s to provide a wide range of options at the level of sophistication and complexity that meets your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • FCC license procurement for radio communications (VHF, UHF, 900 MHz)
  • 800 MHz trunked radio
  • Spread Spectrum radio
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Dedicated and dial-up telephone lines
  • Local and Wide area information networks
  • Hard wired line drivers, buried cables, etc.
  • UTP, STP, coax and fibre optic cable
  • Cable TV networks

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