Single Stage Controller (A100/Tanktrol)

Single Stage Controller (A100/Tanktrol)
Reliable, stable operation even in the presence of erratic surging and high friction losses.

Model SSC pressure/level controllers provide a direct solution for many difficult pump control jobs that would otherwise require remote control. Applications include water supply pump control, open/close automatic valve control, remote water well operation, process industry pressure control, high-rise water booster control and other pump, valve and alarm applications. The controller can be used with a single pump or a multi-stage interlocked system.

Features and Benefits

  • State-of-the-art variable-capacitance solid-state pressure transducer and precision ON/OFF setpoint circuitry with digital signal processing so that its control action is in response to variations in the averaged pressure excursion over a selected time period.
  • Reliable, accurate, cost-effective
  • Three standard models are available:
  • Open construction
  • Single control stage in Nema 3X enclosure
  • Dual control stages in Nema 3X enclosure

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